Obtain tax code

Under Greek law, you need to have a Greek tax code (AFM) to purchase a house, because it is entered into the purchase contract and is later used for your Greek tax purposes. This process is fairly tortuous - you need to provide:

• a photocopy of your birth certificate, which must state your father's name

• a legible sheet in English block capitals clarifying any hand-written entries from the birth certificate

• a photocopy of the last two pages of your passport

• your mother's and father's names and occupations

• a description of your work

• if married, the date of your marriage (no documents required)

You will then need to have the birth certificate translated into Greek, complete tax application forms, and apply in person with your passport to the local tax office. You will receive a document showing your details and the tax code, which you should note and store in a safe place.

Legal and professional fees
Translations and lawyer or accountant - usually about €120.

Our services
Obtaining a Greek tax code is a bureaucratic process, but necessary for purchasing a house. We can assist you with this process in one of two ways:

• If you have the necessary documents with you, we can recommend you to an accountant or lawyer who will complete the tax application forms, arrange translations, and personally escort you to the tax office to obtain your tax code.

• If you do not have the necessary documents with you, we can ask the accountant or lawyer to prepare an authorisation document (or Power of Attorney) for your signature. You can then forward the necessary documents on your return home, and the accountant or lawyer will arrange translations and obtain the tax code on your behalf.