Having a house built is likely to be one of the largest financial investments you will make, so it’s important that the materials and workmanship are of good quality, progress is checked regularly against the specification, and the construction finishes on time.

Project management

We offer a project management service. We will supervise the construction, checking that the layouts and materials used are as per the detailed plans and specification. We will also regularly compare actual progress against planned, and send you reports and digital photographs. We will be on hand to resolve problems or handle variations, and discuss necessary courses of action with you, the architect/engineer, tradesmen and material suppliers.

Stage payments

In order to spread the build cost over the construction period, we offer simple stage payments, which will be documented in the build contract. Each stage must be completed before funds are sent for the next stage. Please click for advice on mortgages / loans or currency exchange.


In order to ensure that your house is completed on time, our building contract contains a penalty payment which is triggered on late completion.


The structural plans must conform to strict Greek anti-seismic construction regulations, so our houses are constructed of concrete frames with brick infill, or of local stone reinforced with steel and concrete. We use only skilled local tradesmen whose workmanship is known to us, and material suppliers who have proved their reliability. Our standard specification is here.