Looking after your home in Crete

Once you have found your perfect home in Crete, maintenance and insurance will be necessary, and we can assist you with both.

Crete property maintenance

Apart from dealing with minor crises, there are many tasks that are needed to keep your home or villa in good condition. If you do not live permanently in your home in Crete, these can be difficult to organise and inspect from overseas. We can organise these tasks for you and ensure they are carried out to agreed standards, budgets and timescales. Contact us for details and rates.

  • Inspection, repairs and servicing
  • Building works
  • Cleaning
  • Garden design and maintenance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Key holding
  • Bill payments and postal delivery
  • Deliveries
  • Welcome packs
  • Disputes and Legal matters
  • Emergencies

Crete property insurance

Although crime is at a very low level on Crete, it is sensible to arrange household insurance to cover fire, storm damage, theft etc. We can arrange insurance for you with major Greek insurance companies who can provide many types of cover:

  • Buildings*
  • Building contents*
  • Life
  • Medical
  • Vehicles

*Apart from the usual risks, these policies cover seismic (earthquake) damage in full, unlike some foreign insurers who limit such cover to minimal amounts.