Now that you have purchased a plot of land for new-build, you will naturally want to start construction. But first, you will need a practical design with realistic costings, and a building permit. We have extensive experience of local conditions, construction methods and bureaucracy. Our design team, together with our associated architects and engineers, can produce a design to your requirements and budget, and obtain the permits and other documents needed for construction to start.


We will explain local conditions and outline costs. We will listen carefully to you, and identify any requirements that may be impractical or go over budget. Along with your requirements and budget, we take into account other important factors such as soil type, slope, access, views, sun position and existing vegetation. We will always visit the site with the architect or engineer, check the ground conditions, take compass bearings of important views, and if necessary commission test excavations to clarify the underlying ground condition on your behalf. For most projects, a site level/tree survey is needed, which we can also organise for you.

Design documents

When we have agreed the plans and estimated construction costs with you, we hand them over to our associated architects and engineers, and instruct them to produce the structural plans and seismic calculations before preparing the building permit application on your behalf. Once those documents have been produced, we will be advised of any special structural/seismic costs (if any) and importantly, the statutory costs involved (permit, IKA, VAT, etc.). At that point, we are able to agree a fixed-price fixed-time building contract with you, and all is then ready for construction to start as soon as the building permit has been approved.