About us

Crete Perfect Home is a registered and licensed Greek real estate agency, with over twenty years’ experience in the Crete property market.

Kissamos, just 25 minutes from Chania in north western Crete!

Our office is in Kissamos Crete, a large working town just 25 minutes from Chania in north western Crete … ideal for showing clients our many properties within a 1,000 square kilometre area from the west coast of Crete to Chania and the Akrotiri peninsula.

Our friendly and professional staff live permanently in the area, and know the local people and customs very well. We speak English and Greek, so you don’t need to worry about a language barrier.

We don’t have a hard-sell approach or wear suits just to impress you, and we have an envied reputation for “telling it like it is” with a large pinch of dry humour mixed in.

And if it turns out that we don’t have your perfect home when you visit us, we won’t try to sell you something unsuitable. Because that’s not good for our reputation, and we’re sure you will know when a property is right for you.

Finding your perfect Crete property

Once you’ve sent us your requirements via our Contact page, we study carefully what you want and carry out an initial property search for you, replying promptly with realistic results. We will also automatically send you details of all properties as they are added to our website.

We have a large portfolio of Crete properties!

We have a large portfolio of land, modern homes, traditional houses and commercial properties in many varied locations: near beaches, in peaceful wooded valleys, inside traditional villages and towns, and even in remote hermit-approved seclusion!

Around 70% of our clients eventually decide to select a perfect plot of land which meets their unique requirements, and ask us to design and build an individual home for them.

As discussions progress and you refine your requirements, we narrow down the list of properties with you, until you feel ready to make an inspection visit to Crete.

We’ll then take you on a personal property tour to view the properties selected, and point out the pros and cons of each one. We’ll also answer any questions you have about buying property, construction, and what it’s really like to live here in Crete.

Our personal property tours!

We have a long-established network of all the experienced professionals needed so that, whatever type of property you decide to buy, we can deal with all the hassle on your behalf – from buying to designing to building.

Purchase assistance

Your purchase contract!

Once you have selected a property to buy, we will make the purchase process as simple as possible for you. We work with experienced and time-proven lawyers, notaries and engineers to help check out the property.

As a neutral agency, we work with the seller and buyer to procure all the necessary documents from various government departments, coordinating with the lawyers and Notary Public, smoothing out the usual wrinkles in the purchase process, and keeping you clearly and promptly informed.

We can arrange a Power of Attorney for you, to save you unnecessary and expensive repeat visits.

And finally of course, we will let you know the day that your chosen property is yours!

We will instruct a surveyor, liaise with the Forestry and Planning Departments and obtain initial building permits if necessary, co-ordinate the lawyers and Notary Public, smooth out the usual wrinkles in the purchase process, and keep you clearly and promptly informed at all times.

We can arrange a Power of Attorney for you, to save you unnecessary and expensive repeat visits.

And finally of course, we will let you know the day that your chosen property is yours!

Surveying your property!


Designs for your perfect home in Crete!

If you have decided to buy a plot of land to have a new house built, or to undertake a renovation project, we offer our design service.

Our team will work directly with you, to produce a design meeting your requirements and budget. We will regularly meet with the architect to turn your dreams into reality, at each cycle sending you designs and costings which are gradually refined during the Design phase.

In our experience, this process usually takes around two months depending on your speed of response to each cycle of the design.

At the end of the Design phase you will receive the final plans, and a building permit if required.

You will also receive a building contract written in clear English, which states what is included or excluded, specifications, costs, payment terms, delivery date (with penalties for late delivery), variation procedures, and problem resolution.

For more details, please click Design.

Final plans for your perfect home!

Construction / Renovation

Construction starts!

We don’t build standard house designs “out of a box”. We will build your individual home on your individual plot, and no two designs are the same.

However you will be surprised to find that our construction costs compare very favourably with estate developments, because we include items which are deemed “extras” by many construction companies and substantially increase the advertised price. Items such as water tanks, solar panels and central heating are often classed as “extras” … but when you live here, you will find that they are necessities.

Our building contract also includes the compulsory Greek National Insurance (IKA) for the construction workers, which forms a sizeable part of the construction cost but is omitted from many companies’ contracts. As our name suggests, our homes turn out perfectly – with fitted bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, and even kitchen appliances.

Our project management service!

We regularly inspect your construction or renovation progress and provide you with detailed reports and digital photographs. We are on hand to resolve problems or changed requirements, and discuss necessary courses of action with you, the architect, tradesmen and material suppliers.

You won’t have to make costly inspection flights, or get covered in mud while discussing bathroom layouts with a Greek plumber – we do all that for you.

At the end of construction, all the necessary documentation is gathered for you, together with the keys to your new home. Now all you have to do is make that final flight, turn the key in the door, and enjoy your perfect home in Crete!

For more information, please see Build.