Appoint laywer

Once a client has decided to purchase a property, we recommend that they employ a local Greek lawyer to act on their behalf. They are able to make the necessary searches to confirm clear title to the property, and have good knowledge of local laws and planning rules. Being on the spot, they also tend to be less expensive and faster than lawyers in the client's country.

Power of Attorney
While you are in Crete, it is a simple and cheap procedure to grant Power of Attorney (PoA) to a Greek lawyer, who can then complete the buying process on your behalf. Once you have returned to your home country, it is possible to grant this in the local Greek Consulate, however it is time-consuming, slow and expensive.

Granting PoA also means that there is no need to return to Crete to sign the various papers - so clients don't incur the costs of return flights and accommodation, loss of holiday entitlement, etc. It also means that the tight deadlines imposed by having to catch a return flight are removed, so if there are any last-minute delays it really doesn't matter.

PoA can be granted for all the steps in the property purchase. If you believe it will be difficult or too costly to return at various stages during the purchase, we suggest you consider using this method. The standard PoA allows the lawyer to:

• Open a bank account for you

• Access the bank account

• Obtain tax codes for you

• Resolve problems

• Pay the purchase price, taxes and fees

• Sign the purchase contract

• Negotiate with utility companies, etc.

Legal and professional fees
Usually about €40-60 to draw up/translate the PoA, and a further €300 - 400 for the work of the lawyer appointed to act on your behalf.

Our services
We work closely with effective lawyers and notary publics, and can expedite the legal process with on-the-spot supervision, liaising with vendors, banks, tax offices and other authorities, paying fees and taxes when necessary, and providing feedback to the client. If problems are encountered with title, topographic plan or outstanding debts/taxes, we are on hand to try to resolve these.

Should clients wish to appoint a proxy to complete the purchase, we can arrange for a Notary Public and translator to draw up a suitable Power of Attorney for you, accompanied by a member of our staff to explain what is happening.