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Having a house built is likely to be one of the largest financial investments you will make, so it's important that the materials and workmanship are of good quality, progress is checked regularly against the specification, and the construction finishes on time.


The structural plans must conform to strict Greek anti-seismic construction regulations, so our houses are constructed of concrete frames with brick infill, or of local stone reinforced with steel and concrete. We use only skilled local tradesmen whose workmanship is known to us, and material suppliers who have proved their reliability. Our standard specification is as follows:

Ground works - foundations

As specified by architect/engineer, usually to a depth of 30-50cms on level plots. The architect/engineer will already have advised on any further measures required, following site inspection and level survey carried out early in the design phase.

Ground works - rainwater and foul drain channels, septic tank

As specified in the detailed plans.

Concrete foundations

Steel reinforced concrete in accordance with anti-seismic regulations.

Concrete frame, floor and roof slabs, internal stairs, external balconies

Steel reinforced concrete in accordance with anti-seismic regulations, with external 3cms thermal insulation to habitable areas.


External walls
25cm double wall with 5cm thermal insulation to habitable areas, with steel reinforced concrete lintels in accordance with anti-seismic regulations.

Internal and balcony walls
10cm single wall, with steel reinforced concrete lintels in accordance with anti-seismic regulations.

Roof walls
10 cms single wall to height specified in the detailed plans, with steel reinforced concrete lintels in accordance with anti-seismic regulations if necessary.

Ground floor balconies / terraces

Area up to 20% of the ground floor habitable area. Tiled floors. Balconies with 0.90m walls if appropriate.

First floor balconies / terraces

Area up to 20% of the first floor habitable area. Tiled floors. With 0.90m walls.


As per detailed plans and in accordance with electrical regulations. Cables routed via plastic spiral conduits located within walls for:

• central electro-stop fusebox for power and lighting circuits

• internal and external sockets, switches and lighting points

• extractor fan in kitchen and all bathrooms

• fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine

• satellite/TV

• telephone

• network

• heavy-duty runs to cooker, hot water immersion and air-conditioning points

• central heating boiler or heat pump, and thermostat


As per detailed plans and in accordance with plumbing regulations.

• roof and balcony drainage to rain water down pipes

• external taps to balconies/terraces and garden

• bathrooms with bath/shower, hand basin and WC, plus usual accessories

• kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine supplies

• full water-radiator central heating system

• solar hot water system with immersion backup

• reserve water tank

• foul drainage to septic tank or mains sewage system


Key, rough and finishing coats to internal walls/ceilings, and to external walls.


Good quality ceramic tiles on internal floors and stairs, above kitchen worktop, bathroom walls to 2.20m height, and floors of external balconies/ground terraces.


Waterproofing, base and two final coats with good quality exterior paint to external walls.

Base and two final coats with good quality interior paint to internal ceilings and walls.

Doors and windows

External doors and windows
White double-glazed aluminium with roller shutters, and marble sills. Insect screens and handles/locks where appropriate. All as per detailed plans.

Internal doors
Laminated MDF or similar.


Kitchen floor and wall units of laminated MDF or similar up to 5m in length. Worktop of melamine/MDF. All as per detailed plans.

White goods*

Allowance of €1,500 towards cooker/hob, fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher.


Wardrobes of laminated MDF or similar to ceiling height and up to 1.80m width per bedroom, as per detailed plans.

Bathrooms / ensuites

One less than the number of bedrooms (minimum one).

Central heating system

Full system with water-filled radiators and boiler or heat pump and central thermostat, plumbed to augment solar-heated hot water system.

Inclusion of boiler house depends on house design.

Hot water system

Solar panels appropriate for house size, with electric immersion heater and 1,000 litre reserve water tank.


These are not included in our basic construction price, simply because exact figures are unknown until the building permit application has been completed by the architect. At that point, we will have the figures and include them in the building contract. We advise clients to allow:

• Architect/building permit costs of around €105/m2

• IKA (worker's insurance)

Sufficient VAT invoices for obtaining an electricity supply will usually be included in the construction cost, and this figure will also be known after completion of the permit application.

(water, electricity, telephone)

Connection points required by the various utility companies, will be made ready so that connection to the utilities can be achieved. We will provide you with all the required documents from the construction phase, and assist you with obtaining other necessary documents required by the utility companies, to minimise connection delays.

The cost of external supplies and meters are not included in our basic construction cost, because they vary widely due to location and we have no control over the costs or timescales of such supplies. However, we will be able to advise you of approximate costs and timescales early in the design phase, so that you can reserve funds for these supplies.


Items marked * above, will be chosen by yourselves when we take you on "shopping trips" to various local tradesmen and material suppliers. We will advise you of the maximum prices allowed within our construction cost for various good quality items. If you wish to specify more expensive or deluxe materials, you will simply pay the difference in price.

Wednesday January 20, 2021
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