Technical Chamber proposes a Digital Map to beat bureaucracy
by ILIAS BELLOS,, 01 October 2017

Imagine if with just one click on your computer screen you were able to immediately obtain a building permit for anywhere in Greece.

It may sound like science fiction, especially in this country, but in fact it's an initiative being promoted by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). If implemented, it will amount to a small revolution for the method of and mainly the time required for the licensing of all kinds of construction investments. It would signify the end of bureaucracy and corruption in this domain.

TEE and its head, Giorgos Stasinos, are effectively proposing an integrated, legally protected and modern solution for the creation of a single Digital Map of the country that would be accessible to the public administration and all citizens. It would include all the necessary documents and details for the licensing of all kinds of land investments.

The map could prevent the emergence of hundreds of problems that foreign and domestic direct investments face, and make life easier for citizens interested in building or purchasing a house or a store.

The Digital Map was presented a few days ago to market players including construction companies, banks, consultancy firms, foreign business groups, business associations such as hoteliers, state entities for the utilization of public assets, and even justice representatives. Predictably, it met with wide acceptance.

The government has also been informed about the plan, with the Economy and Digital Policy ministries showing particular interest.

The aim of the Digital Map, as TEE has titled the project, is for every citizen, engineer or investor, from their home or office desk, to be able, with one click, to obtain a complete, valid and institutional set of details with the status of an administrative act, regarding what is allowed and what is forbidden in any given area, under what terms and conditions, so that they can construct or acquire whatever interests them.