House approves unified property tax amendments, 11 September 2014

Greek Parliament on Thursday voted in favor of amendments to the new unified property tax law, ENFIA, with 51 deputies approving the changes and 38 MPs opposing them.

New Democracy and PASOK MPs voted in favor, while SYRIZA, Democratic Left, Golden Dawn and Independent Greeks deputies voted against. Four Greek Communist Party (KKE) deputies and two independent MPs, Grigoris Psarianos and Vassilis Economou, voted present.

The vote had caused fissures among coalition ranks with NDís Lefteris Avgenakis and PASOKís Nikos Sifounakis both saying they would not vote for the amendments as they were deemed insufficient in order to make the new tax fairer.

Parliament on Thursday was still in its summer session and only 100 deputies, instead of the Houseís elected 300 MPs, were required for the vote.

On Thursday PASOK replaced Sifounakis, while according to New Democracy, Avgenakis had notified the conservative party of his absence due to a scheduled trip abroad and had asked to be replaced.