Elafonisos inquiry digs deeper
Athens Plus, 6 November 2009

The forestry service branch in Molai, Laconia, is investigating land transfers on the island of Elafonisos, in the area of Simos-Lefki, which reportedly include some state-owned and forest areas.

Individuals - including the islandís community president Haralambos Liaros - who have claimed ownership of these properties have refused to present their purchase contracts for the disputed sites.

Molai forestry service officials have found that in 1965 the state recognized Liaros' ownership of 5.8 hectares. This area has now increased to 7 hectares, and it appears that he has sold several hectares that did not belong to him.

A judicial inquiry also under way into the legality of 140 sales contracts for land in the area is looking into allegations that state land and forest has been sold, reportedly with the involvement of authorities on Elafonisos and a notary public in the nearby town of Neapoli, who drew up most of the contracts, one of which concerns the exchange of a property in Sparta for a 5,500 square meter plot on Elafonisos.