Air conditioner scrappage over subscribed
Athens News, 7 August 2009

Over 110,000 old-technology air-conditioning units have been replaced as part of a government energy-saving scheme that was to run until December but is now due to end on August 22 due to over subscription.

The massive response, more than double the original estimate, saw the sale of new air conditioners rise to 4,000 a day when the program first began, only to fall to 1,500 a day in the first week of July. The energy savings amount to 41.6 gigawatt hours (GWh) a year and a carbon dioxide emission reduction of 36.6 thousand tons a year.

The program is co-funded by the European Unionís Regional Development Fund.

About 35 percent of the market for new energy-efficient air conditioners has been subsidized by the program, according to figures from by the Development Ministry. Over 200,000 people have visited the programís website, including consumers from 52 other countries.

Each household may replace up to two old air conditioners with new ones using inverter technology. They will be subsidized to the tune of 35 percent of a retail price of up to 500 euros. Customers pay only their own share; the retailer is reimbursed by the service on production of receipts.

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