Land Register in race against time
Kathimerini 29 September 2008

October is expected to prove a busy month for land register offices and for those who want to submit their paperwork, as only about half of the applications due by the end of next month have been submitted so far, Kathimerini has learned.

It is estimated that some 3 million Greeks who own properties in 107 areas of the country will have to register their properties by October 31 or face a 1,500-euro fine.

According to sources at Ktimatologio SA, the company responsible for running the cadastre, only half of those expected to register their homes and land have done so at one of the 78 offices or online at, a website which gives information in English as well as in Greek about how the process works.

It was decided at the end of August to extend the deadline for applications by a month as it was clear then that the rate at which documents were being handed in was much slower than had been anticipated, despite the fact that 750,000 people submitted their paperwork in August, compared to 580,000 in July and 118,00 in June when the scheme began.

It is estimated that some 2 million more properties need to be registered during this phase of the process to create the country's first comprehensive cadastre.

"We recommend that people do not take it easy because of the extension that has been given; they should not wait until the last moment but get down to the offices as soon as possible and finish their business", the president of Ktimatologio, Christos Goulas, told Kathimerini.

"As has already been stated, no new deadline will be given."

The Public Works and Environment Ministry has set new hours for the land registry offices so that many are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and also receive the public on Saturdays, from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

It costs applicants 35 euros to register each property and 20 euros for each garage or storeroom. These fees are payable at post offices as well as most major banks.

State coffers have so far been boosted by almost 100 million euros thanks to the fees paid by those who have applied.