We join SY.ME.NO.X
West Crete Journal, February 2006

Clients change, times change, and technologies change

Crete Perfect Home are members of SY.ME.NO.XWe are delighted to announce our membership of SY.ME.NO.X (pronounced SI-men-och), the Chania Real Estate Agents Association. In order to remain in the Association - which now has over 50 members - members have to be fully licensed, obey a strict code of conduct, use proper documentation, and provide a high level of service to buyers and sellers.

The Association provides members with the latest information on property law and other property and tax-related matters; regular seminars to stay up to date with the current situation; and enjoyable social events to make new friends and form co-operative arrangements, to everyone’s benefit.

It’s a three-way relationship - we all benefit from other member’s experiences, brain-storming sessions and seminars. Our own small contributions hopefully help other members. And clients benefit from the greatly improved level of professionalism and services.

In a booming real estate market where many unlicensed agents work without registration, offices or controls - often to the detriment and financial loss of foreign clients - the aim of the Association is to strengthen the professional and responsible culture in the industry; protect our clients; weed out the pirates; and actively promote and cooperate with ΣΕΚ (SEK) – the national Greek Real Estate Agents Association.

We are proud to have been accepted as members, and would like to thank all the agencies and committee members who sponsored our membership. The very warm welcome we received from existing members was completely unexpected and greatly appreciated.