Our improved website
West Crete Journal, February 2006

Clients change, times change, and technologies change

Five years ago, clients were more inclined to buy property in Crete for reasons of lifestyle change, retirement or romanticism. The preferred property was a traditional Cretan house, ripe for renovation, and clients were more interested in lifestyle change than financial returns.

Although these factors still play a major part in the decision to live in Crete, the last two years have seen a big swing towards clients who want to invest in international real estate but don’t know in which country to buy, and/or are dissatisfied with the quality of life in northern Europe.

Of course, these are all natural human feelings which evolve to form a pattern, so over winter we’ve taken advantage of the internet technology now available on Crete to revamp our website and provide information about these feelings to clients.

Our website is growing, to portray the many good reasons that have persuaded our clients to buy in the unspoiled area of north west Crete. Consequently, the actual clinical property details will form a relatively smaller part. Why, until clients decide which country they want to live in, should they do more than a quick scan of individual properties?

And how do clients form a sufficient impression of a place, to want to buy a property there?

Factual and timely property details are still important to you (and we’ve improved these), but feedback on how it would be to really live in Crete rather than Spain, Bulgaria or Turkey is now a “must have” for you. And not just the glossy romantic fluff displayed by many real estate agencies: you want to know the hard and gory details, as much as the flavour and feeling of being there.

So, we’ve added four new sections to our website to cater for a mixture of human emotions. From our long experience, we know that most of our clients will want to dip into each one!


An already large but expanding repository of information about property in Crete: how to find, buy or construct your perfect home; getting here; where to stay; what to do; where to go; climate; living costs; FAQs and so on.


Photographs from all around this beautiful island, in all seasons, including places, nature, architecture and events.


The latest weather reports from Chania, Athens and London, plus current satellite images of the northern hemisphere and sun/moon data, so you can compare the weather in Crete with that in northern Europe!


Watch live images from Kolymbari Marina, plus snapshots and time-lapse movies. See what's happening on in a typical Cretan fishing village: the blue skies and turquoise sea, the fishing boats, and the Sunday rush for the local tavernas!

We’ve put a lot of work into these new sections over winter, and really hope you enjoy the results!