Property tours

Our clients have told us that some estate agents do not take them to view properties ... they are expected to make their own way to the appropriate village, ask for the key and find the property! This is fine if you know the area well, can speak Greek, and can find an irregular piece of land or old house sometimes located in the middle of nowhere. But we believe this is an unsatisfactory way to view properties.

Where we have found suitable properties for clients to inspect, we provide a personal guided tour of the properties, as we believe this is the only way for clients to learn about the area, the properties and the buying process. We personally:

• take our clients to each of the selected properties;

• provide a list of the properties with relevant information as a useful aide-memoire later;

• highlight the benefits, likely costs and any potential problems at each property;

• provide information about the area in general;

• provide information about the buying, design and building phases.

• We provide this service to clients who have sent their details with our Contact page and made an appointment.

• When you have selected the properties you wish to view, we will ask you to sign a short agreement protecting our position as recommended by the Chania Association of Real Estate Agents (SY.ME.NO.X).

• Please remember that a long tour on a hot day can be very boring and tiring for small children.

• We advise clients to wear some form of foot/leg protection (i.e. jeans, socks, trainers) even in summer, since some properties are rocky or overgrown, and grazed ankles or embedded thorns can be painful.