It is fairly common for clients (or vendors), to check or change what's being bought (or sold). For example:

• extra land or outbuildings may be available

• a better access route may be available

• an olive grove could possibly be included

• a topographical plan may not be available

• the property dimensions may not be exactly as described in the title

• clients may want a structural survey and/or estimated repair costs

We can negotiate and arrange for technical investigations to be carried out prior to purchase, to achieve a satisfactory outcome to both parties.

Our fees
Our fees are 2% of the agreed purchase price (minimum €2,000) plus VAT. They cover all our services until the property purchase is completed. Our fees do not include legal or professional fees to third parties, clients' travel and accommodation costs, Greek and foreign taxes, design/costing work or similar items. Following property purchase, we will be happy to provide quotations for further services requested by clients.