Obtain topographic plan

Under Greek law, a topographic plan ("topo") of the property is required, which shows the exact location, boundaries and measurements of the land, together with details of any buildings, community limits and permitted building rights.

Greek law also states that the topo should be provided and paid for by the vendor. However, because of the expense of the survey on larger plots, this is sometimes not carried out until a potential buyer is found or when the legal checks have completed, and in practice it is common for the buyer to pay for this. We also strongly recommend that the buyer commissions a separate complete/check survey, even if the vendor has an existing topo (which may be out of date, or incorrect, or falsified).

Your lawyer must check that the measurements in the topo agree with the previous title documents, and are cross-referenced in the new purchase contract. The Notary Public will also check this at time of purchase.

Legal and professional fees
Topographic plan - surveyors fees are about €300-900 depending on property size and complexity.