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North western Crete is noted for its beautiful and spectacular sunsets...

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Photos taken after dusk - very difficult to keep in focus with long exposures, but sometimes they come out!

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Clouds & rainbows
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"Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me...

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It never snows in Crete except on the mountain peaks...we all thought. But the foul European winter of 2001/2 broke the rules...snow fell on the beach in Kissamos on 4 January 2002 for the first time in living memory.

Days of gale-force winds and plummeting temperatures brought a new experience to us all. Olive trees and terraces normally baked by the sun, now covered in a strange white cold stuff. Bulldozers normally used for earth-moving cleared the snowdrifts surprisingly quickly. A new 'tradition' of decorating snowmen on cars immediately passed into folklore. The best way to view these photos is with one foot in the fridge...

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From the early wild flowers to the autumnal fruits, Crete's rich and diverse flora carpet the island in colour...