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Thought it might be nice to get some shots of the Christmas lights around Kissamos. Draped round the town hall, shops, houses and plateias, in palm trees, fir trees and even an Agave plant, they brought a colourful sparkle to the dark winter nights...

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January 6 was cold and cloudy, the sea cold and murky, and Kissamos promenade cold and crowded by 11 a.m. Two fishing-boats rolled in attendance on the swell, just in case. The Papa (priest) threw the gold cross into the sea, and immediately six local lads braved the cold waters to recover it. Tradition dictated that if the cross was not found within 30 minutes, the Papa must also try! After 25 minutes, the worried Papa started un-buttoning his frock to assist his cold and tired helpers. Suddenly another local boy dived in and found the cross within 3 minutes, much to everyone's relief...especially the Papa's!