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T1130 - (Renovation) 2 adjacent stone buildings with 4 rooms, rural & sea views

These two adjacent buildings are in an upcoming village 1700m from beaches, 3km from shops and beaches in Kissamos, and 25 minutes from the buzzing city of Chania. They have rural and distant sea views, and the re-awakening village now contains several shops and tavernas.

The buildings are on two plots separated by a narrow public footpath which has not been used for many years.

Plot 1 is 112m2 and the main building is 70m2, comprising 3 surviving rooms. There is a large living room on the ground floor (a tiny brick kitchen and large ruined kitchen are not counted in the m2 or number of rooms). There is a small yard to the rear with steps leading to the first floor. The first floor has a bedroom and small kitchen, plus a balcony facing north and east, with rural and distant sea views. A further 42m2 can be built on this plot.

Plot 2 is 42m2 and the second building is 30m2, comprising 1 room with a lovely stone arch, which was originally a small family home. A further 12m can be built on this plot.

The buildings need full renovation, but with sympathetic design and additional construction, they could provide a large 2-3 bedroom house (main building) and a stand-alone apartment (second building), for personal use and/or rental income.

Basic Information




Year built1901

Floor numberground floor


Elevation27 m


Road typeAsphalt



Energy class(exempt)


Sea views


154 m2

Built now

100 m2

Max build

154 m2

Sea views?



€ 69,500

Compare value

€ 695 / m2

the property is located inside the circle, but not necessarily at the centre