Crete homes for sale

The Greek island of Crete plays host to stunning properties, beautiful views and a rich tapestry of history. The island is a popular tourist destination, something which makes purchasing a home on the island an attractive prospect. If you're looking to escape dull and expensive northern Europe and make your home on the warm, beautiful and welcoming island of Crete, our team at Crete Perfect Home can help. With a vast portfolio of astounding Crete homes for sale, we will enable you to find you your new home in paradise.

Buying overseas property can seem like a daunting prospect. We will do all we can to help you find the right property that not only fulfils your requirements, but is also within your budget. Rest assured, we will work tirelessly to find a property that is right for you and offer help and advice every step of the way. Our portfolio is expansive, covering a myriad of properties of many different sizes. We will help you with viewings and making sure that all legal requirements are covered, so your purchase can go smoothly.

We have a huge range of modern properties available, everything from idyllic two bedroom homes close to the beach, to five bedroom villas amongst the plentiful olive groves, to hotels and tavernas for those who wish to set up their own business in Crete. We also keep a stock of traditional homes available in our portfolio, mostly renovated, in a variety of sizes and at many different prices. Some of our properties require renovation or are waiting to be converted, so for those who are in search of a property they can stamp their own identity onto, these are the perfect options. We also have plots of land for sale, giving you ample space and prime locations on which to build with the money you save.

Though the process of purchasing your home can seem overwhelming, from purchasing and obtaining topographical plans to registering the title, the rewards are great. One example, perhaps the most enticing, is that the cost of living and the price of property in Greece compares very favourably to other European countries. As Crete is a popular holiday destination, there are also many opportunities for people who wish to buy properties they can let as holiday homes, enabling them to make money on their investment.

Many people worry about the financial and legal practicalities they will face when moving to a different country, but we are on hand to help with these matters. We have extensive ties to a range of Greek legal and financial firms, which means we can source a mortgage or a loan for you and will personally assist you with the application process. We can also help you open a bank account and will begin the purchasing process from the moment that you sign a contract with us.

When you have taken the plunge and purchased your dream home, we will continue to provide you with the help you need, assisting you with issues such as purchasing insurance and providing inspections and maintenance for your property. We are frequently acquiring exciting new Crete properties to add to our portfolio, so be sure to check our Facebook page to see the latest additions. There simply is no more helpful, knowledgeable or experienced company specialising in Crete homes. If you want us to help you with finding your dream home, contact us today or head over to our Contact page and fill in your details.